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Watch "San Lazaro" Movie Online

Sigfried (Ong), a random loser who has contented himself by learning useless skills from YouTube, is suddenly plucked from his uneventful existence by Limuel (Ramon Bautista), his previous classmate whom he has not communicated with since their school days, to bring Limuel’s brother (Nicco Manalo), who seems to be possessed by some sort of evil spirit, to his uncle (Allan Forte), a singing exorcist, in the faraway town of San Lazaro.

San Lazaro is a Philippine horror film written and directed by Wincy Aquino Ong, starring Ramon Bautista, Wincy Aquino Ong, Nicco Manalo, Bianca King, Ely Buendia, Julia Clarete, Earl Ignacio, Kean Cipriano and Allan Forte.[1] It is produced by Watusi Production and Ramon Bautista Films. The film premiered in Cinemalaya 2011 as one of the finalists for the NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) Category. [wiki]

Movie Casts

Ramon Bautista as Limuel
Wincy Aquino Ong as Sigfried
Nicco Manalo as Biboy
Bianca King as Cheska
Ely Buendia as Rex
Allan Forte as Dante
Earl Ignacio as Berhilyo
Julia Clarete as Kathy
Kean Cipriano as Carlo Benedicto

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