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One year after the violent death of Carlos’ (Luis Alandy) girlfriend Beatrice, Anna (Precious Lara Quigaman), Carlos current love starts experiencing supernatural events. Afraid and surprised, Anna thinks that Beatrice’s ghost is haunting her. Anna approaches an espiritista, Idang (Angelika dela Cruz), and the medium tells her that Beatrice, powered by her Babang Luksa, is possibly haunting Anna to extract her revenge, as Anna is the main cause of her suicide. Anna performs a ritual to speak to the dead girl’s spirit, and to pacify Beatrice’s anger.

Babang Luksa is a 2011 Filipino independent suspense-thriller film produced by Creative Minds Productions starring Precious Lara Quigaman, Luis Alandy and Angelika dela Cruz written and directed by Yuan Santiago. [wiki]

Movie Casts

Precious Lara Quigaman as Anna
Angelika dela Cruz as Idang
Luis Alandy as Carlos
Roselle Nava as Cathy
Helga Krapfh
Ces Quesada
Joy Viado
Joshua Ocampo
Arya Valdez
Apple Grape Bautista
Lexi Fernandez as Celine
Joyce Ching as Irene
Jake Tan
Trina Mendez

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